Thank you for considering our services. Please feel free to contact us if you should require something, a little different. We will try to get back to you soonest. Do make use of the current offers, the price had been discounted upon.

~ Gerald, falconite



For 2 Hours:

1 pax - $160

2-3 pax - $80/each

4-6 pax - $50/each

>6 pax – please contact us

Bring your own gear for a 2hr session in the park*. Includes the way to hold the camera, use of various functions - P, A, S, M. The participants will leave with a better understanding of own camera and ready to explore photography.


PHOTOGRAPHY: For Intermediate I

For 2 Hours:

1 pax - $160

2-3 pax - $80/each

4-6 pax - $50/each

>6 pax – please contact us

Bring your own gear for a 2hr session in the park*. Includes use of DOF, long exposures and introduction of perspectives. Participants can leave with the understanding and appreciation of capturing story-telling photos themselves.


PHOTOGRAPHY: For Intermediate II (PP)

For 3 Hour:

1pax - $250/each

2pax - $125/each

>2pax – please contact us

Post Processing in Photoshop is conducted on a 1 to 1 basis in the participant’s house. One must install Photoshop onto his/her computer system. 7 days trial is available or otherwise use coach’s terminal at an additional $20.


For all the above classes, re-sit through selected ShootLah Outings and Photo-walks only.


*Park refers to general garden and park, free entry and within operation hours. Participants will have to provide entry for photo coach if you prefer a paid venue.



2 hr - $240

3 hr - $320

4 hr - $400

>4 hr – please contact us

Have a professional photographer to follow through an event and capture the moments for you. May it be at the birthday celebration, graduation ceremony or a corporate event, the beautiful moments will be captured and retained in the beautiful photographs. Your images will be sent to you, 3 workdays after the event. Images are sent in the JPEG format.


PHOTO SVC: Product/Profile

Per images - $80

>8 images – please contact us.

No additional transport charges.

Need a special image for your website or your marketing collateral? Let us fetch that perfect profile to build your corporate identity. We will photoshop and submit the raw and corrected images to you in high-resolution so that you can have ready images for your website and collateral.


PHOTO SVC: Photoshop

Per image - $60

Like the way our photos look? Had a damaged image that needs to be restored? Let us correct and restore the image(s) for you.


DESIGN SVC: Illustration (2D)

Per image - $120

Story Board/Mindmap - please contact use

Need an illustrator for your website and collateral? Need draft designs for your new campaign's mascot? Have someone to sketch your ideas out to personify your presentations now. Look no further, we will design and send JPEG / PNG files to your needs.


The above packages indicated are quoted for a single location shoot, unless stated otherwise. If there are requirements to travel between locations, please note an additional surcharge of $25, travel expenses per additional venue, for within Singapore island. Travel time is considered to be within the engaged time slot.




Tryout out in having a website to call you own. You get up to 3 designed pages, hosting at yourname.falcD.com, and update assistance for 1 year. Note capacity of 500MB only. Minimum subscription of 12 months is required.




Tryout out having a webpage, to call you own. You get 5 designed pages, hosting, and a quick lesson on Web Admin. Please add $120 for 1 year of Web Admin assistance with the site. You DNS at yourname.com/yourname.net

With 2GB space.


WEB DESIGN: Full Suite

From $2200

Need an established corporate identity on the World Wide Web? Get your shop online with payment gateway and own emails. The package covers photography service covering venue or profile or product (limited to 12 images that are worth $960) for exacting your corporate identity strongly onto the website.

Additional charges will be required for Web Admin assistance.  With more than 5GB of space for your use.


WEB SVC: Others

~ please contact us

SEO, Adware, FB Advertising, Videography for Social Media Marketing, Product Launch, Social Media Campaign, WooCommerce, Shopping Site, Web Admin Assistance.



Please note the sensitivities of this Terms Of Use, highlighted in bright orange. At falconite.com, we strived to produce the best work for you. At instances that you are not completely satisfied with the work done, we will refund the of your payment of the work that had not been consumed, exhausted, or used. Under such instance, the produced images are to be returned fully and none should be placed in use on any social, printed, or electronic media. Please only engage us if you are agreeable to this term of use.

There would be no further means of compensation. Please only engage us if you are agreeable to this term of use.