When Singapore announces on the lockdown on the city, to Covid19, many photographers joked about hanging up their cameras for the while. We were determined to keep ourselves indoors and not stretch or burdened the limited medical resources. But as the days have gone by, reality crept in. Photographers experienced mood-swings, with their main avenue of relaxation removed, many had drifted from their commitment and sneaked out to shoot (with excuses that they had maintained the safety measures), to which I shall not judge.

When the Circuit Breaker (lockdown) was first announced to be from 7 April to 5 May 2020, I was keen to start a Project of sharing A-Picture-A-Day (at least) on Facebook. I thought that such a project would allow me to keep both my cicada rhythm and myself at home. If not, at least to keep my mind lubricated with ideas and skills in check.


The first couple of days were easy, I was shooting practically everything I can see on and from my patio. I had more than one picture, I had a couple of dozens. On the 3rd day, I started to pull out old photos and rework them on Photoshop to share. I was human, after all, I ran myself into a little tension, as I did not want to retake too much what I have done the day or two before. I was even depressed when the lockdown was extended with another 4 weeks, halfway through the season. There were also occasions that I would want to go back to reshoot some stuff, but then the opportunity had only presented itself once.

Only when I was in the game, did I realised that it wasn't as easy as I have pictured it to be. My work had not been consistent and here the insights to why they are not:-

  • The mood or emotion that I was in, was clear on the determinant of the work produced. I have learned never to carry out post-processing after I have helped the children with their homework. My energy was mostly sapped after each session.
  • The weather is mostly hot with later afternoon showers during the lockdown. Shooting before the showers had great lights and processing during the rain produces the best work.
  • Due to opportunities, some of the work was carried out on a handphone, or on the "wrong" lens. Such compromises on the gear do build nerves to "conquer them all" with whatever one has on hand. I have also deliberated on using different cameras to work myself out in the period.
  • The best bit of the project comes from the feedbacks from friends. Through the critiques and further experiments, I have learned to better the next shot, if not, never to repeat an error. The most talkative friend is usually the best (please do exercise wisdom as there will be creeps that blabber nonsense as well...)


Every morning, I will exercise the following sequence to shoot and chose a small collection for sharing, if not at least one to work the project. I would take a walk in my house (no big, at 1292sft) daily to consider my shoot:

  • Macro, for any visiting insect;
  • birding if they are chirpings up the nearby trees;
  • portraiture, when my children are willing;
  • or to reprocess old travel images.


The complete plethora of the daily images, was shared on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SayKuan.Ng, do search specifically to any on the 56 days through using Hashtag #CBD and follow by the day. Day 7 will be represented by #CBD07.


I have chosen only 1 image from each of the past 55 days and present them in a collage (below). This is the final image to share for Project Circuit Breaker on its final day. It is my way to show my gratitude to all residents, on the resilience and the sacrifices made, to stay home and ensuring the recovery of the nation. Thank you - Singapore!

Collage of Project CB


The gear lined-up for the 56 days:

  • Sony A7R, A7RII, A7RIII on
    • Laowa 60mm f2.8 on Commlite Adapter
    • Tamron 35-105mm f2.6-3.5 on Sigma MC-11
    • Canon EF 16-35mm f2.8L on Sigma MC-11
    • Canon EF 400mm f5.6L on Sigma MC-11
    • Lensbaby 35mm f2
    • Jupiter 8, 50mm f2
  • Flashes
    • Nissin i40
    • Godox TT350


Gerald Ng | falconite, is a passionate photographer, comic artist, and web designer. He freelances Photography & Web Design Services from his website at https://falconite.com and is for hire if you love his pictures or want to learn photography. He is a Web Administrator for www.ShootLah.com and its Facebook Group. ShootLah proliferates photographers to shoot together and share photography tips and passion.

Please leave a message if you have any questions about photography or gears shared here in this article. If you wish to join him in shoots, you can and should visit ShootLah on https://www.facebook.com/groups/ShootLah.

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