This is my little treasure trove of personal memories. Pictures are meant to stir emotions and these samples that I have, I can help you create your own, so that you may use them on your websites, articles, collateral and even your personal photo album. Call me now and start weaving your persona.

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Please know that I have reserved all rights to use of the images shown on this site. They may contain images of my friends and family members, and cannot be placed in use without my approval. Please contact me should you wish to use any of other images elsewhere. Thank you for your understanding and support.


In the concrete forest replacing nature so rapidly, I am dedicating the first column of the photo album to nature. Please join me in protecting our environment and greens.


My family loves to travel, and share many moments enjoying the array of cultures and places. Let's all embrace love and peace with our neighbours.


It's amazing how the lights coloured the city so differently, beautifully at the different time of the day and seasons. Taking note of the forever-changing cityscapes.


Moments of captured emotions - how a smile can be contagious and pass to another; how tear wells up, even through an image. 


Some of the drawings done between my photography. To view some artwork just click on the title above. I have a wish to complete the Story of Falconite, so let's keep it to another site at https://falconite.org.


Some of the videos created to document, engage and share on my passions in Comic, Photography and Tour. Please click on the title above to access them on my YouTube Channel.