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Please know that I have reserved all rights to use of the images shown on this site. Please contact me should you wish to use any of them elsewhere. Thank you for your support.


In the concrete forest replacing nature at such pace, I am dedicating the 1st column of the photos to nature. Shots are taken all over the country (some without) to preserve the beauty of Nature in the site.


My family loves to travel, so unlike others, this travel photography will contain a number of images that include member(s) of the family.


Capturing the normal sights in Singapore and making them spectacular from the elevation or that unique angle.


Not my forte, but my best attempts to capture the emotions of the people around me. With the complexity of mankind, I have vast space to work on, for this very unique species...



Before photography, my passion includes drawing and reading comics. My wish in life is to complete the Story of Falconite. I am starting another site to feed more effort into, towards this direction. Welcome to view the website at https://falconite.org.


Some of the video created for my passions. Please click on the title above to access them on my YouTube Channel. Hope you like them and thank you for supporting.