Peculiar it is that my first blog article is not on the main camera that I use. I primarily shoot with Sony A7Riii in jpegs, with an assortment of Canon lenses and the Sigma MC-11 adapter. Having moved from Canon earlier, I had re-learnt photography when I first made the switch. Therefore, to me, the colour differences felt like a system change.

Recently, with the introduction to tweak picture profile for A7Riii's, I witnessed images from A7Riii, to look more like Canon's (EOSHR Pro Colour). Also, from repeated posts from Fujifilm Users', it sets me to rethink about the colours from the various systems. This set me off to get a Fujifilm mirrorless and ended up with me owning a (2nd hand) X-A10. This small little interchangable-lens camera has been so delightful to use. As I shoot mostly in jpegs, it was easy to see the beautiful colours that came straight from the petit 16 Mega Pixel. Here are some images to share (with little or no post-processing) for your judge:

For a lesser camera that cost less than 1/10th of the common camera I hold, it surely deserves my praises. I would recommend it to anyone with a budget. The 16-50mm Kit lens is decent in capturing your daily activities and light enough to be brought along anyplace you would want to venture. What should be my kid's training camera, may just be retained as my toy on-the-go.


Though small - the signature colours were nicely executed through the X-A10. The outstanding primary colours, low-light ambiance. The contrast and sharpness of the camera are very good. So if you should shoot the blue sky, the contrast of the clouds against the blue is one great way to win your hearts. The red on black or even white backgrounds is a resounding affirmation for the colours. At this crossroad to search for my back-up system, I did have second thoughts. I leave these images for you to decide for yourselves.

Do share with me if any comments to those beautiful Fujifilm X colours or share this article if you find it interesting and worthy for more in-depth discussion.

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