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Sci-Fi and fantasies of the medieval kingdom and magical forests filled my mind from young. Therefore, from 14 years of age, I have started doodling on my textbooks during lessons. The early sketches carried secret tales from my wildest of imaginations. I assumed the pseudonym of falconite (Falcon Knights, falc - for short), as I vouched to someday share these outrageous stories. Although this wish had laid dormant for the last 33 years, it had been refined and expanded on.

The First Video

With long breaks between opportunities to draw, I have made this video to rekindle the passion. In sharing how I do my art, I hope to hear and learn from others. Let me know if this video had helped or encouraged you to pick up the pen. Because your words are encouraging and will be beneficial to many, including myself, please share if any of my technique is wrong or could be improved on.


Draft Boldly, Ink Slowly

All of us have our mood swings, but most often, our work looked best when it was done at our pace. In the dilemma of meeting deadlines, only the most seasoned or calm artists produce consistent, good work. For me, who has not been drawing often, the way to draw is to go slow. Therefore, in my pencil drafts, I will often frame the perspectives before going into details and shades. Afterwhich, I will take a bit of time to admire and planned before I ink. Because the inking mistakes are the hardest to correct, I will go slow and careful.

As this piece of work was digitalized, I cleaned the pencil marks, scanned at 300dpi jpg after inking. For color rendering, I used Adobe Photoshop. It helps to paint and shade on multiple layers to better control your color choices and correction.

Photographs of the Process

I love to hear from you if this article and video has been of any help. Please leave your comment if you have any request for my next video project. Thank you.

Gerald Ng | falconiteDesign | www.falconite.com

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