Sketch of Falconite


A normal Singaporean that was fortunate to have been born in post-war kampong (village) and grew with Singapore when it was most active in its nation building.

Being born in this special time, the changes had etched ideas of old and new into my work. I used to look forward into reading the Sunday Newspapers that carry 2 full pages of comics. How I missed those days where I have free-flow of movies being sketched  and played out on my "screen".

Falconite was conceived when I was 15, with me being more serious on my comic. I started to keep the better sketches and had submitted some of my works to local Chinese Papers. At 17, I met my "Nemesis", or rather - my best friend, whom can draw as well as me, if not better. Being a classmate, we spend Saturdays visiting our favourite comic stall and sketching afternoons away.

In university, we joined various societies to further our artworks. I have also started Comic Ensemble in the Visual Art Society. Upon graduation, we were all limited to further our career and had switched the passion to therapeutic hobby. 

We can never suppress our needs for artistic expressions, thus times that I was not doing sketching (which I did a lot less), I will be learning on web and graphic designs. When digital photography caught on in about 2005, I caught the bug.

My first DSLR was purchased  in 2007 and my work was loved by the company and friends. It was with the acquired skills previously that i was tasked to write articles and was a photo journalist for the publication. I have also contributed in taking product shoots and design marketing collateral for the semi-conductor company that I was in. 2008-09 saw my 2 years of freelance in photography and design - it was the best years in my life. I joined the environment agency after which, which some said was the aftermath of photography poisoning - where one gets so serious in appreciating nature that he has to act on protecting it.

Your Marketing Solution

When you want customise your marketing collateral and websites with graphic and photo images, you should contact Falconite Design. The difference between this website and Falconite Design being that the design ensemble is a gathering of like-minded talents

My skill sets

A quick gauge of my abilities of rather a mark of confidence on the various areas. 

  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator

  • WordPress

  • Photography

  • Video

  • Graphic Sketching