Falconite Design (Falc.D for short) is a registered business in Singapore. Business Registration number: 53113141 J, from 1st April 2008. The business is managed by technically competant and creative individuals for various tasks of product marketing and graphic designs.

Niche of Falc.D lies in our sensitivity to technical products, coupled with design asethetics, fusing what is deemed as traditional extremes. Falc.D services target shortening time-to-market, quickly placing concepts from the marketing draft boards, onto marketing channels and equiping one with collaterals readiness.

Our competancies stretch in to publication too. Falc.D does design and layout for our corporate clients, value-adding with perspectives of photography works, photo stock and garphic illustrations. Creating a complete service to all your publication requirments.

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Singapore's Touch

Falconite Design understands the uniqueness and needs in personalising to local flavour. We take pride and joy in using local stock photos and trancending from local norms to making it Uniquely Singapore. Contact us now for further details of our service.

Package Service

Falconite Design services are made into fine modular form, helping you in identifying the size and type of service you need. No assigments are too small and no projects are too large. But for leveraging on the services, you may wish to contact us to discuss on a package deal (monthly basis) of your need.

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